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Middle Park House

Architect . Jean-Paul Rollo Architects / Construction . Wilstruct / Photography . John Gollings

This addition to an early 20th century Edwardian terrace house in Middle Park Melbourne deconstructs the traditional elements of the conventional dwelling – Roof, Window and Wall. Only slightly detached, the new Wall aligns itself to the existing red-brick wall and responds physically bigger, cleaner and stronger. As an element the honed ebony concrete block wall continues along the entire length of the remaining site, stepping down to let light into the courtyard and jumping back up and wrapping the boundary to define the garage. Ornamentation of the ebony blockwork is stripped and the wall draws upon its context of the bluestone laneway. The honed surface exposes the river gravel aggregate – pulling together the copper-clad side entry door and the floating grey zinc roof.

Middle Park House project images
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